Here at Cathedral Music we are an inclusive family of music lovers and spiritual voyagers. We long to see a regular dialogue of faith openly explored in some of the industry’s most creatively exciting music as together we pursue both God and art. 


We celebrate and champion the artists exploring their journey through the Christian faith with boundary breaking, inspirational and defining music that can stand up in today’s music industry through its lyrical and musical integrity. Some of the artists we feature use their music as an act of worship, while others use their songs to process their challenges with the faith. 


Cathedral Music facilitates this conversation through monthly podcasts, online record reviews and social media content. We have interviewed some of the industry's leading artists including Guvna B, John Mark McMillan, Martin Smith & Jonathan Ogden.



Josh is the podcast host and content creator for Cathedral. As someone who is unpacking their faith and has a passion for creative musical expression, his prayer is that Cathedral Music can be a curator of good music for the spiritually curious, those struggling with the concept of God and those who consider themselves to be passionate followers of Jesus. 


CATHEDRAL MUSIC Industry Expert 

Jacob is the lead guitarist and bass player for Brightline and as well as the creative force behind Small Sounds. Jacob grew up in Mexico surrounded by a range of cultural musical influences which has helped cultivate a deep appreciation for a breadth of music spanning across a range of genres. Jacob provides his expertise and industry insight through our podcast and record reviews.



Industry Expert

Mark is the lead guitarist for the rock band Amongst Wolves. He has a passion for using music to communicate the gospel to those who'd consider themselves on the margin of society, particularly those struggling with mental health. He loves nothing more than finding a great new artist and a sweet punchline. Mark provides his expert analysis and musical knowledge to help the podcast journey through the month's recent releases. 

Rachel Profile.jpg

Voiceover Artist

Rachel is originally from California and married to podcast presenter Jacob. Rachel has a background in overseas mission now co-leadings a gap year course called Message Academy for young Christian adults. Rachel is a truly creative soul and loves bringing joy to people’s lives through her creativity which is why she has multiple side hustles including Green Roses Co. and designing clothes. Rachel is the VoiceOver artist for Cathedral and sees it as another way to be creative and adventure through life with friends.