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21 Rising Stars for 2021: PART II

We began highlighting 21 rising stars for 2021. If you missed Part I of the list, then you can read it here.

Just in case you hadn't noticed yet, all artists are listed in alphabetical order. Like proud parents, we love them all equally.




‘White Walls’, the debut track from METRUTH dropped in March 2020, it’s an electronic-pop track with indie influences, and it immediately caught the attention of the Cathedral Music team. METRUTH then teamed up with producer Axiis to release Hope Unfailing as part of the Solitude Project which continued to build upon her electronic-pop soundscape. It’s clear METRUTH knows how to write a strong song and bring it to life with some electronic energy. She’s at the start of her musical journey and we’re excited to see what comes next.

We caught up with METRUTH on our Solitude Project series and our IG Live series, Cathedral Conversations.


Philip Shibata


The very talented Philip Shibata draws up his vast cultural experience to create his unique sound. He’s been Rivers & Robots’ lead guitarist for the last few years, and shortly after the band announced their hiatus, Philip dropped his debut album Sun / Moon. If you like the sound of lofi, jazz inspired indie music then this is definitely for you. Philip joined us on the latest edition of the Cathedral Music Podcast to discuss this album and how it explores his journey from finding faith to today.


Rebecca Fitch


Rebekah Fitch is a young artist who has one of the most powerful and mature vocal tones that completely belies her age. In 2020 Rebekah dropped two releases which show off the impressive range of her capabilities, her first release Dust is a heart wrenching ballad about the breakdown of a relationship and she followed that up with Game Over, a punchy and gritty pop track. With shades of Adele, Lana Del Rey and even Christina Aguilera evident in her music, it's clear to see why we like her so much.


Rebekah Young


Out of nowhere, Rebekah Young dropped one of the most mature and well rounded Christian R&B records we’ve heard. We were expecting one or two singles from a new artist experimenting with their sound, and what we received was a confident ten track record that displays the assured talents of an artist who knows exactly what she wants to create. Tender is the lead single from this record, a light neo-soul track which is unbelievably cool.


Sal Ly


2020 saw the arrival of Sal Ly’s first record ‘Premiere’ which debuted at No. 3 on Apple Music’s R&B charts. Sal Ly is a creatively ambitious artist who fuses together R&B, Soul and TrapEDM to create her unique and enticing sound. The heart of her music is held together through her faith and has easily made this one of the most exciting and innovative gospel proclamation records of the year. We cannot get enough.


Sarah Nathalié


Sarah Nathalié burst onto the scene in 2020 with impressive song writing, her infectious personality and her distinctive style. I’m convinced that Sarah was the busiest person in the industry last year as she released ten singles, two EPs, two full albums, one instrumental album and seven features! What is so impressive about Sarah Nathalié is that she has so clearly established her own sound in her first few steps into the music industry and, in addition to this, she is confidently and uncompromisingly rooting her faith at the centre of her music.

You can listen to our interviews with Sarah on our Solitude Project Special and our IG Live series, Cathedral Conversations.




Sxxnt was one of our favourite discoveries of 2020. He’s a talented producer who has excelled in the art of creating chilled lo-fi instrumental music. Sxxnt has been reimagining and reframing well known worship tracks into new ambient interpretations which allow the listener to engage with familiar melodies in a new light. His music has been greeted with a huge reception, with ‘u brought heaven down’ surpassing half a million streams on Spotify alone! You may also recognise his sound from the Cathedral Music Podcast as he has kindly provided some beats that we use as music beds.




Two missionaries, married on a trampoline… hence the name Trampolines. The band hit us with a whole host of high-energy electronic pop hip-hop, that left their audience and the Cathedral Music team breathless. They’ve reimagined a series of congregational worship tracks such as Hosanna, Reckless Love and The Blessing, but what’s most impressive is their original tracks, packed with vibe, sass and the gospel.




Trulah’s music was a regular frequentor of the Cathedral Music Podcast in 2020. Her EP ‘Prologue’ was adventurous and innovative, with tracks showcasing her distinctive jazz/worship fusion, interspersed with stylistic scriptural readings; It is easy to understand why this was our Sit Down Record of the Month for June. Her unique and innovative approach to fusing worship and Jazz caught not only our attention but that of our fans as well, as her track Sign of the Times won the Fans’ Favourite vote in our November episode.




Tylerhateslife brings a distinctive blend of hip-hop, R&B and Singer/songwriter to the table and this innovative approach has earned himself a place high on the radar of emerging talent in the Christian music scene. The name for this project does sound negative on first impression but it’s hosting the idea that he’s not of this world and it is drawn from John 12:25. If you enjoy your chilled guitars infused with the energetic flow of an impressive rap artist, then you have to check out Tylerhateslife.


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