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BRKNHRT - Hulvey

Hulvey is the latest sensation to emerge from the illustrious roster at Reach Records, and he’s wasted no time at all making his mark during an impressive 14-month inauguration which has culminated in the release of the EP, ‘BRKNHRT’. In January he released a debut EP titled ‘Prelude’ with a collection of sub-two-minute tracks which paved the way for this release, and it did not disappoint which is why Cathedral Music has chosen BRKNHRT as our Sit Down Record of the Month for March.

Hulvey’s rise to prominence has been an impressive one and BRKNHRT is a brilliant product of his endeavours thus far, which has been compiled to show off the breadth of his dynamic range. Hulvey stands out artistically as he has the ability to deliver the hard hitting fast paced bars as well as the sung refrains within a chorus. Interestingly, BRKNHRT ventures down a more emotive path allowing Hulvey to demonstrate his melodic aptitude through songs like ‘Anchor’, which concludes the record with an affable serenade, and ‘Damascus’ which begins with atmospheric reverberating guitars and spatial lyrics acknowledging the call of God on his life. ‘Damascus’ is a carefully placed track at the start of the record as the gentle and melodic introduction switches up at the two-minute mark and undertakes a tonal shift allowing Hulvey to showcase more of his aforementioned range. 

BRKNHRT provided Hulvey with the opportunity to resurrect one of his earlier releases, ‘Motions’. A powerful track with raw energy built on a bed of gritty guitars, emulating the lyrical content of his desperation to make something of his life and avoid ‘going through the motions.’ Again this song shows off his range as he provides the vocals for the melodic chorus as well as launching into mid and fast paced raps at various points throughout the track. A hugely popular song that is just shy of 500,000 streams on Spotify at the point of writing.

This EP also provides a significant increase in bold gospel focused lyricism. ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Damascus’ approach the effect the call of God has had on his life. ‘If I Gave it All’ is a vulnerable offering up of his fears and concerns about pursuing this career in God’s name, asking tough questions such as ‘Would you be enough if I was scraping for my meals?’ and ‘Would I die humiliated for giving you the praise’. He wrestles with the thoughts of whether God would make him new and the big concern we are all burdened with, the fear of missing our calling. The journey continues and resolves in the following track ‘Everything’ where he answers his musings from ‘If I Gave it All’ with the opening line where he states ‘God I give you everything, I’ve been tired of holding on.’

Hulvey has decided to jump with both feet into this journey, both lyrically and in terms of stepping up the sounds and production of these songs and BRKNHRT is met with a resounding chorus of approval from the Cathedral Music team.

Record Label: Reach Records

Release Date: 21st February 2020

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