On this page you can find a tracklist for each episode, listing every song and record we play or reference so it is easy for you to find the music that you love.


Opening Track:

Rise Up Shepherd & Follow - Twin Bandit

Favourite Artists:

Gloria - Josh Garrells

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - Kings (MHM)

We Three Kings - 116 ft. Paul Russell, Lecrae & Abe Parker

All I Want for Christmas - August Burns Red

PREMIERE Tenielle Neda:

Jesus You Come - Tenielle Neda ft. Jon Guerra

Indie Christmas Heaven

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - Echosmith

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Christ Church Manchester

O Holy Night - Sufjan Stevens

Listener Submissions:

Patience of Light - Jaimie Poon 

Redemption Plan - Eliza King

Comfort & Joy - Joyful Noise

Christmas Originals:

Baby Son - John Mark McMillan

A Light - The Brilliance

Closing Track

Hark - Planetshakers


Opening Track:

Game Over - Rebekah Fitch

Sit Down Record:

Power Perfect - Kings Kaleidoscope

W.D.Y.K.A.G - Kings Kaleidoscope

The Other Side - Kings Kaleidoscope

Seminal Artist, Citizens Interview:

Looking Up - Citizens

Only Jesus Christ - Citizens

Made Alive - Citizens

Out of Sight - Citizens

Holy Love (Phone Demos) - Citizens

Horizon Artist

Everyday - Claudia Isaki

I Won't Let Go - Claudia Isaki

Milk & Honey - Claudia Isaki


Always on My Mind - Jonathan Ogden ft. Joe Bae

Ella - Wande ft. Lizzy Parra

Middle - Jess Ray

Northern Lights - Kelsey Breedlove ft. John Mark Pantana

Space - Haiva Ru

Sweet Melodies - Jeremiah Paltan ft. Melody Adorno & IMRSQD

Closing Track:

La Fiesta - Lecrae ft. Funky


Opening Track:

EAT - Tobe Nwigwe & Fat 

Stand Out Track:

Vapor - OLY

Horizon Artist, Asha Elia Interview:

New Woke Deal - Asha Elia

Nights Like This - Asha Elia

Serve - Asha Elia

Dreams - Asha Elia ft. Sharyn

Fans Favourite:

Dust - Rebekah Fitch

Tender - Rebekah Young

The MixTape

In The Space Between - Sxxnt ft. Joseph Whettam

Motions - Sarah Reeves

Narrow Gate - Ecclesia

Not Alone - Page CXVI

Not the Way You Wanted - Hunter G K Thopmson

Easy Love - Neon Feather ft. Sajan Nauriyal

Pop Culture Moment:

Holy - Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper

Sit Down Record:

Deep End - Lecrae

Over the Top - Lecrae

Drown - Lecrae ft. John Legend

Seminal Artist:

Keepin it Moving - Andy Mineo ft. Guvna B

You Can't Stop Me - Andy Mineo

Closing Track:

Rhythm - Becca Folkes

JULY 2020

JUNE 2020

Opening Track (00:00):

Catch Fire - UNSECRET, Hulvey & Sam Tinnesz

Beach Chapel Exclusive (13:10):

Light Leaks - Beach Chapel

Sit Down Record (31:52):

I Got My Way - Darla Baltazar

Francis Bacon - Darla Baltazar

We're Going Home - Darla Baltazar 

Stand Out Track (58:04):

MAKE IT HOME - Tobe Nwigwe

Horizon Artist, Megan Brown Interview (1:04:20):

If I'm Honest - Megan Brown

House I Built - Megan Brown

The MixTape (1:15:45)

Swim - Haiva Ru

Heal My Heart Ecclesia

Wash Us In The Blood - Kanye West

Shadows - Nine Lashes

Represent - Sarah Nathalie

Culture Moment, Jon Webster Interview (1:19:59):

Why Should You Decide - Jon Webster

Feature Track:

Deep End - Lecrae

Closing Track (1:33:38):

On Top of the World - Shekinah & Guvna B

MAY 2020

Opening Track:

Most Precious Love - House Gospel Choir

Stand Out Track:

Nights Like This - Asha Elia

The Brilliance Interview:

Brother - The Brilliance

See The Love - The Brilliance

The World Keeps Spinning - The Brilliance

How Do We Know - The Brilliance

Gravity of Love - The Brilliance

Fans' Favourite:

Pink Lemonade - IMRSQD & Moflo Music

The MixTape

Hear You - WYLD, Jon Sewell & Sarah Nathalie

Defender - Amongst Wolves

Crae - Lamar Riddick & Eli Williams

Partial - Madison Ryan Ward

Sit Down Record:

Lost to be Found - Trulah

Oh My Dear - Trulah

Rain Down - Trulah

Closing Track:

Can't Help Myself - Sir the Baptist, Estelle, Saint Ashley, MC Lyte, Syleena Johnson, Ann Nesby, The Boys & Girls Club of America

Fans' Favourite (02:32):

Golden - Amongst Wolves

Pyramid Park Interview (25:18):

Stairway - Pyramid Park

Never Gonna Let Me Down - Pyramid Park

Not an Island - Pyramid Park

You Know / I Know - Pyramid Park

Record Review - Exit by Wande (45:53):

Wakande - Wande

The MixTape (52:28):

Inspired by Fat, After we Went to the Beyonce Concert

Farfromu - Jeremy James Whitaker

Change for Me - Brasstracks & Samm Henshaw

King - Luke Zell

Jesse's Song (Here With You) - Sxxnt.

Perspective by Sajan Nauriyal (1:08:11)

Trust - Sajan Nauriyal & CASS

In Fluorescence by Half Alive (1:13:20):

Runaway - Half Alive

CATCH by Peter CottonTale (01:21:54):

Pray For Real - Peter CottonTale & Chance the Rapper

Stand Out Track (01:35:02):

Change for Me - Brasstracks & Samm Henshaw

APRIL 2020


Not Too Far - GAWVI

Fans' Favourite:

Paramount - August Burns Red

Horizon Artist of the Month:

Pearl - Sobi

Missing You - Sobi

Pull it Together - Sobi

Devil - Sobi

The MixTape:

Lead Me Home - Jaisua & J Steph

Give Me Doubt - The Brilliance

Teach Us That One Song - Jon Guerra

Sometimes - Taylor Armstrong, Laity & Mark Barlow

Highlight - Ty Brasel

Stand Out Track of the Month:

Happy - Wande

Seminal Artist of the Month

Meant to Live - Switchfoot 

Mess of Me - Switchfoot

Your Love is a Song - Switchfoot

Dare you to Move - Switchfoot

Dark Horses - Switchfoot

Sit Down Record of the Month:

Battle - Guvna B

Cushty - Guvna B

Fall on Me - Guvna B & Wretch 32

These are the Days - Guvna B

Pop Culture Moment:

Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America - The 1975

Featured Track:

Set Me Free - Lecrae & YK Osiris

Featured Track:

Joy (Matias Ruiz Remix) - Lion of Judah

MARCH 2020


All My Love - Chris Howland

Stand Out Single of the Month ():

Dropkick - Beach Chapel

Swim - Beach Chapel

Featured Single ():

Best Friends - Hillsong Young & Free

Single Mash Up ():

Do or Die - Neon Feather

Holy Lamb - Polfer

Missing You - Sobi

Pack Your Backs - Taylor Armstrong

Paradise V2 - ISLY

Sit Down Record of the Month &
Horizon Artist of the Month

Underdog Freestyle - Hulvey

Mad Today - Hulvey

Damascus - Hulvey

Rollercoastin - Hulvey

Motions - Hulvey

Seminal Artist of the Month ()

You Say - Lauren Daigle

Rescue - Lauren Daigle

Look Up Child - Lauren Daigle

Still Rolling Stones - Lauren Daigle

Featured Single ():

Out of My Depth - Tina Boonstra

Featured Single ():

Stairway - Pyramid Park


Stand Out Single of the Month: 

JuBattle - Guvna B

Featured Single (09:12):

Your Heart Fit Right in Mine - WYLD

Horizon Artist (35:40):

Every Moment - Alva

Closer Now - Alva

Stay - Alva

Featured Single (43:56):

Joy - Lion of Judah

Single Mash Up (50:54)

Runaways - OM-53

The Power - Ty Brasel, KB

Firstwake Redux - Silent Planet

Thinkin 'Bout You - Jake Isaac

Shiloh - Audrey Assad

The Speaking and the Heartache - Eikon

Seminal Artist of the Month (57:03):

All I Need is You - Lecrae

Blessings - Lecrae

Coming in Hot - Lecrae, Andy Mineo

I'm Turnt - Lecrae

Sit Down Record of the Month (65:28)

07:00 the Morning Comes - Jonathan Ogden

15:00 Guiding Light - Jonathan Ogden

18:00 Golden Hour - Jonathan Ogden

22:00 Where Could I Go - Jonathan Ogden

10:00 More - Jonathan Ogden

Featured Single (85:08):

Freedom Reign - Cat Rea, Joshua Luke Smith



Juggernaut - John Mark McMillan

Single Shout Out (16:45):

Big - Social Beingz

Single Shout Out Mash Up (21:50):

Burn Again - Ecclesia

Bag - Xay Hill, Rapzilla

Wild Lavender - Benjamin Torrens

Give Me You - Dj Em D, CASS & Chris Howland

Horizon Artist of the Month (24:19):

Caught Up - Jon Webster

Elohim - Jon Webster

Heavenly Places - Jon Webster

Where the Wind Blows - Jon Webster

Stand Out Track Track of the Month (39:09)

Paid My Dues - NF

Sit Down Album of the Month (45:20):

World Keeps Spinning - The Brilliance

Circus - The Brilliance

Must Admit - The Brilliance

Facebook - The Brilliance

Seminal Artist of the Month (57:16)

Bright Abyss - John Mark McMillan

Mercury & Lightning - John Mark McMillan

How He Loves - John Mark McMillan

Wilderlove - John Mark McMillan

Guns / Napoleon - John Mark McMillan

Single Shout Out (71:50):

If I'm Honest - Megan Brown

Outro (85:30):

How Do We Know - The Brilliance




Stand Out Single of 2019 (14:40):

814 - Isla Vista Worship

Blessed Up - Wande

Closer Than a Brother - Josh Garrells

Evergreen (Reimagined) - Amanda Lindsay Cook

Follow God - Kanye West

Keepin it Moving - Andy Mineo, Guvna B

Rabbit Hole - Amongst Wolves

Radical - Ecclesia

World Keeps Spinning - The Brilliance

The Rush - Kings Kaleidoscope





Looking Up - Citizens

Break Through Artist of the Year:

Family - Beach Chapel

Near - Danny O'Callaghan

We Could be the Ones - Ecclesia

Falling into You - SoulBox

Mercy - Tenielle Neda

Radical - Ecclesia

Sit Down Albums of the Year:

Oasis - Kalley

Out of Sight- Citizens

Captured - Isla Vista Worship

Keeping it Movin - Andy Mineo & Guvna B

Same Blood - King's Kaleidoscope 

Jumping From Jaded Heights (The Rush - Part 2) King's Kaleidoscope



Break Through Artist of the Year:

Swim - Beach Chapel

Sweet Water - Beach Chapel

Worth it All - Danny O'Callaghan

You are God, Be Glorified - Danny O'Callaghan

Tethered to the Cross - Danny O'Callaghan

Wake Us Up - Ecclesia

Lavish - Ecclesia

Una Sola Sangre - Ecclesia

Till We See Your Face - Ecclesia

Cest La Vie - SoulBox

Boundaries - SoulBox

The Life - SoulBox

Purpose (Interlude) - SoulBox

Jesus Freak (Interlude) - SoulBox

Vanity - Tenielle Neda

Sit Down Album of the Year: 

Alabaster Heart - Kalley

Fear - Citizens

The Coma - Kings Kaleidoscope

Hero Over My Head - Kings Kaleidoscope

About to Break - Kings Kaleidoscope